Is the Live Poets Society of NJ legitimate?


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Some additional credible sources.

U. S. News and World Report

Live Poets Society of New Jersey was featured for Poetry Month March 2009 (page 27)
in the on-line version of the New Jersey Education Association publication NJEA Review.
Article was written by Patricia Bruder of the Educational Information and Resource Center (EIRC),
a public agency specializing in education-related programs and services for teachers,
parents, schools, communities, and non-profit organizations throughout New Jersey
The print version of this publication is distributed to all teachers in the state of New Jersey.
Unfortunately they've recently taken down or moved the archived pdf version of
the March 2009 article, rendering the link we had up as non-functional.
If anyone can find this article on-line please let us know, so that we can put back up the link.